Fish pack in Styrofoam boxes and outer covered with corrugated paper carton box. Standard size of the box is 40cm X 45cm X 38cm . Fresh Water fish pack in bulk, depending on the size of the fish and it will be economical all the ways. In average packing are done for a minimum period of 48 hours .


Delivery is within one week of receipt of the advance payment and, or within one week of receipt of the confirm order. This time gap is required to select & condition the fish, get delivered the fish that are not in stock and necessary air space booking. We guarantee 100% live delivery and but, if any chance of DOA or DAA, it must be informed immediately and must support with photos and we are willing to compensate with the next shipment by replacing same. DOA is due to the delay of the Airline, due to non delivery of goods on scheduled time, loss can be claimed from the Airline and it should be informed to the respective airline and to us immediately after accepting the shipment.


Invoice value consists of Value of the Fish/Shrimps, Packing Charges, Handling Charges and Freight Charges. Value of the fish/water plants – Base of the prices in stock listings in USD Packing Charges - USD 10.00 per box Handling Charges - USD 100.00 per shipment. Freight Charges - Actual freight charges charged by the Airline as per the AWB.